…because I must be dreaming! How adorable is she?! So sweet, so cute, so fuss-free and a total breeze to photograph. Not only was she a great little model – but she’s also got the yummiest baby chub – my camera looooves.

Mother nature was on our side for our photo session;  she gave us about 30 minutes of clouds to shield baby girl from the harsh summer sunlight. Needless to say, I was one happy camper!

Baby, grass, toes, chubs — my faves!

Our model was kind enough to give us some sweet smiles (thanks to grandma for her  little song & dance)!

Just look at those beautiful eyes….and those plump cheeks!

I really, really, really love these photos of mommy and daughter. The connection between them is so beautiful. Baby girl kept leaning in to give mommy a kiss several times during the photo session – so sweet :)

As I review the images from our session, I realize even more so that I really need to get some photos taken of my son and I like this before he gets any bigger (he’s already 18 mos)!!! That’s my goal :) It must be done! Sadly though, I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get a shot like this–the idea of him laying down – still – makes me laugh!

  • Ken Y Wow. Theses are some great photos. You two look great. Time really flys they don't stay small forever. A nice way to caputre the memories.(07.26.2009 06:56pm)
  • Anna Great photos! Jillian is so cute - I can't believe she's already 6 months old!(07.26.2009 10:17pm)
  • Sakko Real nice photos and cute models!!! I'd like to take photos like these with my daughter.(07.27.2009 03:12am)
  • Jennifer Jillian looks oh so sweet and cute in these pictures. Too adorable for words! The camera loves her.(07.27.2009 04:07am)
  • stef h OMG! Beautiful! Dang lil j is hella photogenic!! J you look so pretty too!!! Man, awesome pics!!!! :)(07.27.2009 05:05am)
  • Dori OMG, these pics are gorgeous, Jul and Jun! Jillian is such a good and happy baby!(07.27.2009 06:47am)
  • Mike Y Wow, baby Jillian takes great pictures. She is such a happy baby.(07.27.2009 07:19am)
  • Grandpa/Dad Ugai The pictures came out beautiful but I am not surpised he had great models. Grandma has always been able to make me smile too with her song and dance.(07.27.2009 03:14pm)
  • kaleen wow jillys so cute !!! Good pics! =)(07.27.2009 06:11pm)
  • Ina Beautiful pictures! I love the pic of Jillian and her mommy smiling together. So cute!(07.27.2009 06:47pm)
  • Tracy Ugai Umm there was a glich in the site... My comment went to the wrong set of pictures! LOL I said that these are sooo cute, and creative!! I love them!Good Job Mom, on the Dancing and singing.(07.27.2009 07:22pm)
  • Maria Grimaldo These pictures are gorgeous! Jun is a lucky man to have two such beautiful ladies in his life... ;-)(07.28.2009 06:00am)
  • Miki Beautiful pictures!!! It's so hard to capture such nice smiles from a Baby - you guys did a great job!(07.29.2009 05:47am)
  • Kathy Absolutely gorgeous! Mommy and Jillian pictures are adorable! The pictures really capture the emotions!(07.29.2009 06:56pm)
  • Lauryn Wow, these pictures are amazing... you two are so beautiful!! Little Jillian is such a happy baby... I love these pics!! :)(07.29.2009 09:35pm)
  • Scott Suzuki Very nice pictures! Jillian is growing up so fast and cute!(07.29.2009 11:23pm)
  • Nicole Harada Great photos of you and Jillian! She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl! :)(08.06.2009 09:10pm)

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