…that’s the sound my heart makes when I think of her, see her, smell her & hold her. She’s 5 months now and I cannot believe how fast it flew by. Despite the lack of sleep (she’s a crap-napper and does not sleep very well at night), I am at total peace and feel blessed beyond words for her…as does daddy and big bro. Here she is modeling some super cute headbands made by a wonderful client of BSP! They’re made of Swarovski crystals and sparkle so beautifully – love them! Check out her etsy shop here!

  • Gigi oh, how i've missed these photos! you are so precious, pix are priceless. luv your big beautiful brown eyes just like the combination of your mom & dad. Gigi luvs u so very much cannot wait to see u very soon . hugs + kisses from me & your Aunty Patty. luv, luv, luv!!!!!!!(10.06.2012 02:01pm)

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