...Quinlan. She's one of the most beautiful, energetic, happy, spunky little girl's I've ever photographed. When I think of her, the word "sparkly" comes to mind. Maybe it's her personality - or her pretty blue eyes - or both! Sure, she's not fond of the camera and would rather do anything else than be in a photo - but can you tell from these photos? No way! She knows what she wants (or doesn't want) and I say - more power to you! Girl power! She likes to cut and style daddy's hair - and do his nails to make sure he looks pretty. She thinks he's quite handsome and likes to show off his best side (by covering his face with a towel). Plus, she might be one of the cutest ballerinas I've seen :)

…Henley, her little bitty brother. He’s also super gorgeous….with big blue eyes just like his sister….and a super, super sweet smile. He didn’t want to smile for me, but boy – did he smile for mommy! Mama’s boys have a special place in my heart (being a mom to a boy myself). In addition to staying next to mama, he also enjoys eating, sleeping & spitting up on his onesie that mom was so happy for him to wear to have his photo taken in :) He’s also a candid little boy and shows us all what he thinks about his big sister’s shenanigans by giving a big yawn while everyone else is laughing (how cute is that?!)

…the entire family. I know, it’s no surprise why their kids are so good looking! There was no posing going on during our session. As always, I try my best to stay away from posing – I like it this way. Natural, spontaneous, real. A true reflection of the beautiful chaos that comes with having two kids! No sounds clips here, but if you could imagine the amount of laughter in the room, you’d be smiling, too.

I had an amazing time! I made a new friend (who happens to be 3 years old and super sweet). I was entertained the entire time – thoroughly enjoying dad’s hilarious commentary of everything that was going on. And mom who was just so, so sweet – and even fed me! I’m really bummed that they’re moving though. Hopefully they’ll be back for beach vacations :) They’re the type of family you feel like you’ve known for ages…and people you can hang out with all day!

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