…my, how quickly 7 months has gone by. Were you really safe & cozy in my belly a mere 7 months ago? I can’t believe it. Look at how big you are! So much personality…and gasp – crawling! Mommy was late in posting these 7 month pictures of you, next week you will be 8 months! This makes me sad, very sad. With your brother, I was so happy with each milestone. I remember thinking to myself “I can’t wait until he sits up, I can’t wait until he crawls, I can’t wait until he walks, I can’t wait until he sleeps through the night”. But with you my angel, each milestone makes me sad. Sad because it means you are growing up, and getting one step closer to being a big girl :( Even the night wakings. I enjoy them. It means time we can cuddle. I can nurse you in a quiet room, hold you, be still with you. It’s lovely. You need me and I need you. Can I keep you this way forever? So sweet, soft, cuddly and small? Of course not, but what I can do is savor each fleeting moment. Take pictures (both physically and mentally) so that I can freeze frame these beautiful moments in my heart & mind before they fade and you’re off and running with your big brother. I love you my little angel.

  • Jennifer (kaylin's mommy) OMG JULIE!!! she's adorable!!!! I just want to hug her!!!! goo job mommy!! ;)(05.12.2012 08:08am)
  • Gigi Dear my precious baby grand-daughter Emi, u are so cute + so precious!!! u r also a pretty + beautiful baby!!! luv your cheeks, arms, legs, toes, lil fingers, & your BIG BROWN EYES just like your daddy!(10.08.2012 02:37pm)

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