I mean, seriously?!  How cute is he?  With those big, beautiful eyes, pouty lips & pinchable cheeks…
He’s already so handsome at 7 months…and I just know he’s going to be a heart breaker when he grows up!

I know this is true: Mom is the best at making baby boy giggle up a storm! This image was taken right when our model was feeling a little tired = cranky…but with a little help from mom, he was all smiles!

Hmmm…looks like he might be taking after mom with surfing…
Just look at that form, he’s so ready to put those toes on the nose.

Me looooove pink lips :) Baby skin is so perfectly flawless.

Being at the center of attention is a hard job. I mean, looking so darn cute is a lot of work….Mr. Cutie needed a little snooze here….he knocked out like a champ.

Those toes kill me. So sweet. Ahhh, this was a wonderful session :) The last time I photographed this family, our model was only days old. Out of all the newborns and babies I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, he’s changed the most in 6 months. Check out his newborn session here – and you can see the huge difference 6 months makes….just imagine what it’ll be at 12 mos!!!

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