Her pretty face graces the pages of the BSP blog again – and inspires lots of ooohs and ahhhs, again. This time, she’s two years old and full of personality. But of course…she still has those beautiful, soulful brown eyes & long lashes – just as she did when I photographed her at 6 months! You may recognize her, as she also stuns viewers around the globe with her beauty on my homepage slideshow. Yes, it’s her – just a sweet as she was over a year ago. I’m always amazed at how much changes in a year….wow! She’s got her little lady outfits on now, so fashionable and charming (just like her beautiful momma). So, so pretty. Oh my gosh – and I always get a kick out of photographing toddlers. They are so hilarious! They quite literally do the exact opposite of what is asked – and it always cracks me up during sessions. Parents are often troubled when their rambunctious toddlers insist on doing their own thing – but I really enjoy it….plus, it gives me the opportunity to catch them doing things they really enjoy!¬†Toddler sessions are always fast and fun. All I need is an hour and we’re good!

  • Laura Gonzalez What a beautiful and happy baby girl! Awesome pictures!(08.19.2010 11:04am)
  • Lissette She Looks Super Delicious! Beautiful pictures!(08.19.2010 11:05am)
  • Grace Gomez Both Mom and Daughter look beautiful. Love all the pictures.(08.19.2010 11:33am)
  • Mariam Julie, thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of the best gift in our lives. Every time i see your work i really admire you more and more, your talent, your patience, your kindness, and the moments you are able to capture in every picture makes me feel happy and see that my daughter is a beautiful girl .. thanks again we love you and hope to work with you again very soon :)(08.19.2010 12:06pm)
  • Lily congratulations!!! you have a beautiful gift!!! she is really cute!!! =)(08.19.2010 12:18pm)
  • alma perez se ve miy bonita y las dos fotos en las que estas co ella estan muy padres tambien,explotala wey jajaja tu me entiendes!!!!!!! no tecreas estan muy padres todas(08.19.2010 05:02pm)
  • lupita She is the best goddaughter that I have...I love the pictures! Great job Julie!!!(08.19.2010 05:48pm)
  • lupita Klaro k se ven hermosas las dos.... Y tenia k ser toda una modelo komo la mama...(08.19.2010 05:52pm)
  • cindy She is so cute!! Like mom like daughter!!(08.19.2010 06:52pm)
  • sandra navas I love It... She is a lil cutie pie. ya la quiero ver modelar en baby gap <3(08.20.2010 06:14pm)
  • sophie love the pictures!!!! every single one is a special moments.. Congratx(08.22.2010 07:41am)
  • anna I love the one with the hat in black and white ... looks like an old very unique picture of a beautiful girl.. and the mom looks amazing!!!!!!(08.22.2010 07:47am)
  • OFFICE She is so precious!!!!! congratulations to the parents(08.24.2010 10:33am)
  • Cristina Beautiful Girl, she looks so pretty in all these pictures very cute Valeria:):)(08.25.2010 09:16pm)
  • charlene Mariam your baby girl is soo precious!!! I havent seen her in a long time but im sure she is the most beautiful girl ever !!!(08.27.2010 10:33am)

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