…not only because he just turned the big ONE – but also because he is just so cute! And why not celebrate cute babies?! Well I suppose he’s actually a toddler now that he’s pretty much walking (a few steps at least) – but still cute nonetheless!  He looked like such a little man for our photo session…and I think it’s just adorable how his jeans cover his shoes – teehee :)

The last two photos I just had to include….at less than two weeks and at 6 months. Isn’t it amazing how time flies & how much our babies change right before our eyes? For me, I didn’t appreciate the changes until I went back and looked at old photos – and then when you look at them side-by-side, you can really see the WOW factor. From precious, sleepy, helpless newborn…to sweet, cuddly, energetic crawler…to mobile, walking explorer!

  • Cs Mom Oh wow! We LOVE how these turned out! Thank you Julie! :) You just make the photos pop with story. I had no idea they would turn out so nice. It's your magic touch, as always! :) XOXO(03.19.2010 03:25pm)

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