…is the best word to describe everything about this morning photo session. The light: so soft, with puffy clouds & a misty marine layer. The girlie: smart, playful & sweet. The mommy & daddy: calm, gentle & loving. The combination couldn’t have been more perfect. The session was easy going, natural….and totally relaxing. When I got home, I even had a pocket full of shells that I quickly shared with my own little boy :) During the session, Anabel picked up each sea shell she saw, and kindly gave them to me – so, so sweet.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting their new arrival very, very soon! And just because I want to show how much she’s grown – just look at her one year ago here and here.

  • Ashley Wow! These look great!!!! I love the light in the photos--she really looks angelic, doesn't she?! I agree that everyone looks totally relaxed--not one of those "forced, let's get happy" sessions (we've all been there). I love the photo with her little sandy feet on the trike too! She's beautiful! Bravo Blueberry Sky!(08.16.2010 10:50am)
  • Angela Great photos, I love the first one(08.16.2010 11:33am)
  • Gana These are beautiful photos, I also love that they look very natural. So hard to say as they are all really good but I think my favorite is the photo of the three of you walking, I love that Anabel looks likes she is skipping or jumping. So cute!(08.16.2010 02:49pm)
  • Ian Great photos. Love them all.(08.17.2010 08:26am)
  • Ryan So beautiful! I love the toes at the end.(08.17.2010 10:00pm)
  • Rhett Now THAT is an adorable family! The photographer really captured your essence.(08.17.2010 10:12pm)
  • Noelle I haven't seen Anabel in a while and her mom showed me these pictures. I ADORE HER!! She's so cute and your pictures are amazing. Very nicely done. I love the pic of Anabel with her hand on her mom's belly. I just want to squeeze her!(08.18.2010 12:45pm)

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