…sleepy head :) What a trooper. Although he’s definitely not an early bird, he put up with the morning session so very well! He did give me a few looks as if he was thinking “Really, you got me up early for this?!” BUT, he did laugh and smile alot too….so I think he had a good time :) I did however — really, really love his more serious look…the model pose was priceless! Love this chubby little baby boy! I just want to give him cuddles :)

  • Linh Hoang What a gorgeous family, great pictures. There was such personality coming out of every shot!(03.16.2012 09:33pm)
  • Jennifer I love love all of these pictures! Beautiful and Priceless.(03.17.2012 02:22am)
  • Stacie Oh my gosh, these are the most adorable family pictures ever. Braden is so adorable. I love that the pictures aren't so posed but more candid and love within each. Its beautiful, its photography, its just PERFECT.(03.24.2012 11:25pm)
  • Tess Thanks Julie! I love the photos! I can't wait to see the rest of them!(03.24.2012 11:34pm)
  • Tammy I love it!!! Brady looks adorable. Brady is a natural. The picture of him eating is precious. That's his trade mark for sure.(03.24.2012 11:39pm)
  • Nora Beautiful pictures! He looks so adorable with that hat:)(03.25.2012 12:32am)
  • TOMMY I love these pics! They all turned out great. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I love the ones with Brady in his stylish outfit and cool hat. Especially the 4th one where he is walking by himself. The black and white one of him sitting on the stairs is really nice...looks like he is in deep thought. And the pics of him eating and giggling with Tessie holding him are classic Brady. Such a happy family and these pictures definitely captured that!(03.25.2012 12:39am)
  • Jon Great pictures. I like his pimp hat and his swag walk. Too bad Kingston dont like to wear hats. Our boys are growing up fast.(03.25.2012 01:18am)
  • Thomas These are really amazing pictures of Brady. Love his poses. So adorable!(03.25.2012 06:01am)
  • Xin Awww these pics are soooo adorable!!! Brady is so cute and looks like such a little man with his hat. I can't pick a favorite.. they all look beautiful!!! What a happy family, Love you guys.(03.25.2012 10:45am)
  • Kim Love all the pictures Tess... Brady look so cuteee. Miss you guys so much already(03.26.2012 01:25pm)

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