… SUMMER! I really can’t believe that August is upon us and that summer is coming to an end. I’m actually ok with that because I loooooove cold weather and Fall is my favorite season :) But this year, I really wish summer could be longer…because since “S” also stands for SCHOOL – the end of summer also means that my little boy will start Kindergarten. It’s sad, really sad, reaaaally sad to realize how fast the last 5 years flew by. He’s a big boy now and will be beginning Kinder at the end of this month. I do feel comforted though, because many of my BSP family clients’ children are also starting Kindergarten this year, so we’re all feeling the same :( ┬áIt’s bittersweet indeed. Well, at least for the time being, we have big, beautiful, bright yellow school buses to help cheer us up! I found this hidden spot that I am currently in love with for shoots! Yay for hidden gems :)

  • gigi Can't believe u r a kindergartener! time really flies in the blink of an eye. gigig luvs u Drew. Precious thx. LL(09.03.2013 05:36pm)

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