A family of troopers! Dad carried a heavy chair two football fields up a hill. Grandma pushed a stroller full of stuff up that same hill…and mom carried a bunch of bags up too! It was definitely a tough walk – but wow! What a perfect location for a photo session! The morning sun was just peeking over the hill….the air was cool and crisp….and the mountainy-air was absolutely delightful. This is definitely a family always ready to seize the moment – no hesitation at all to walk around in the dirt and take a journey up a rugged hill!

When I photographed little man at four months, he was already sitting up on his own – so I just knew that at our next photo session, he’d be crawling all over! My prediction was correct, now he’s 7 months and not only is he crawling, but he’s pulling himself up to stand, and taking steps when he’s holding his mommy and daddy’s hands! He’s definitely going to be walking running when I see him again in a few months!

….baby boy is also quite the little trooper himself. Turns out his first tooth was just about to cut on the day of our photo session- so he wasn’t feeling all that great – but despite it all, he was happy, sweet, and just a joy to be around. How adorable is he here????

I had such a wonderful time photographing this sweetie again…and hanging out with his awesome parents and amazing grandma (who was a huge, huge support and help!) More to come!!!

  • Aunt Sue Lovely setting. Lovely photos. Lovely family! Well done, everybody!(02.03.2010 09:46pm)
  • Suzy Prim OMGOSH!!!! Luv the new pics!! Yes Terry he is sooooooo cute! My fav. is the black and white of all three, Jeremy kissing his beautiful little head! AWWWWW TY for sharing..... Suzy(02.03.2010 10:22pm)
  • Aunt Carole How adorable !!!!!! What a beautiful family !!! He sure is growing, huh? Love to you all----------(02.04.2010 05:46am)
  • Linda Spada He is the cutiest baby ever! He ought to be a baby model. Love his clothes; also, the nakey baby shots are just too precious.(02.04.2010 09:54am)
  • Auntie Josie What a little doll my nephew is....Love you all(02.04.2010 10:25am)
  • Kimberly Albarian Absolutely adorable......and looks like he's so much fun!(02.04.2010 12:05pm)
  • Tracey PC these pictures are really nice!! everyone looks great ....(02.04.2010 02:04pm)
  • Mary Ann Sy Wow! It's amazing to see him taking those baby steps. I love the pics, What a wonderful family! Love, Mary Ann(02.04.2010 03:02pm)
  • Untie Jenny He is just tooooo cute....(02.04.2010 03:06pm)
  • Stefanie Turner Hi, the baby is too cute. You are doing the right thing by taking lots of great pictures, but the second child will see these.... Don't forget about her. Hee Hee(02.04.2010 03:20pm)
  • Kim Hodgden The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!(02.05.2010 07:44am)
  • GiGi Lewis Picture are great, He is a handsome little man Love you All GiGi(02.05.2010 11:13am)
  • robin helm awwwww...cute family :)(02.05.2010 02:18pm)
  • Erika Thank you Julie for capturing such sweet memories of our family! We can't wait to see the rest of the photos!(02.08.2010 10:16am)
  • Jeremy Julie - Amazing pics! You are the best!(02.13.2010 12:27pm)

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