There are many reasons why I looved this session. First, the light that morning was just devine – if you’re debating about waking up earlier than usual for an a.m. session – here’s proof that it’s well worth it. Morning light is just fantastic…and when captured using a 50mm f1.2/L — you get super creamy bokeh and color like you wouldn’t believe! So I shot wide open with this lens for most of the session :)  The second reason I love this photo session was because mommy and daddy were super sweet and loved up on their baby girl without hesitation in front of the camera.  And, the biggest reason why I so loved this session…well, that’s self explanatory – see for yourself:

Is this last image not to die for? I kept saying to myself “Oh my gosh, she is so cute” during the session.
And her eyes – wow. Amazing.

  • Kati Schamber Oh Wow! We love the pictures! We absolutely CANNOT wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thank you SO MUCH Julie. You are the best photographer.(08.04.2010 04:39pm)
  • Tanner Schamber Thank you so much. We love the pictures.(08.04.2010 08:27pm)
  • Chelsy OMG! So beautiful! I love all of them.(08.05.2010 09:14am)
  • Joey WOW, Abby looks sooo pretty in these pictures.... just like her Mom =)(08.05.2010 09:16am)
  • Elisabeth Sooo cute, her eyes r so pretty!!!!(08.05.2010 10:03am)
  • Regan My grand daughter looks so cute. She is so beautiful.(08.05.2010 10:39am)
  • Eric These look amazing!!!(08.05.2010 11:05am)
  • Charlotte Wow is the perfect word for these pictures! Such a beautiful Baby Girl!! Thanks for sharing with us! Amazing photography!(08.05.2010 11:13am)
  • Sarah Schmalz Oh my gosh!! What a little model! She is so precious. I love that little girl. These photos are AMAZING!!! I am going to forward this link to all my friends!(08.05.2010 11:40am)
  • Kati The pink ones are my favorite! Even though they are all perfect!(08.05.2010 12:06pm)
  • Joey Martini Doesn't get any cuter than this! Great photos and amazing color! ... Who's that stud in the white shirt?!(08.05.2010 03:01pm)
  • Kailin DeMartino Absolutely gorgeous! The lighting and Abby's blue eyes...these are pictures you'd see in magazines..just precious!(08.05.2010 04:59pm)
  • Susie DeMartino Whose grand daughter is that? Could she be any more precious? These pictures just blow my mind!!!(08.05.2010 05:05pm)
  • Dennis DeMartino Wow! What a looker! Keep up the good work Kati and Tanner.(08.05.2010 05:07pm)
  • Cassie These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with all of them!!(08.05.2010 09:55pm)
  • Trevor My niece is soooo cute.(08.05.2010 10:09pm)
  • Cathi Singh That little girl has a bright future ahead! These pictures are incredible! And I love all of the outfits, especially the pink frilly jumper :) Beautiful family!(08.06.2010 11:28am)
  • Puneet Singh She is ridiculously cute! These photos are fantastic :)(08.06.2010 12:30pm)
  • Tammie What a beautiful baby girl!!! These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!(08.06.2010 12:58pm)
  • Denni Pascuzzi Love, Love, Love, these pictures Look at her beautiful eyes!! To cute!(08.06.2010 02:18pm)
  • Debbie Burch These pictures are so darling, Abby is just a living doll. Priceless photo's! =)(08.06.2010 03:37pm)
  • Taylor my little neice is the cutest baby ever!!!!! :)(08.06.2010 09:57pm)
  • Carole Oh my gosh. I didn't even realize it was Abby at first. I thought it was a magazine spread. She is absolutely beautiful. Tanner and Katie made themselves a gorgeous baby girl!!!!(08.07.2010 01:16pm)
  • Teri Sinclair An adorable Abby is inevitable with those wonderful parents. Beautiful pictures.(08.07.2010 04:09pm)
  • BFrantz Well done - you two created thee most precious little girl. Who knew you'd find a great photographer while in Indy! You guys both look great.(08.08.2010 10:37am)

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