Baby sessions are loads of fun. I recommend that babies 7 months and younger should be photographed at home. This is because they are usually not able to sit-up on their own at that time, so it’s just way more comfortable and easy to keep them in their element. They are also taking frequent naps, so sometimes having sessions at home means we’ll have more happy awake time. Home is also good if you want a nice amount of naked baby shots! Of course, if your baby doesn’t mind skipping a nap or being outside for an hour or two, we can definitely have the session outdoors. When babies are around 8 months and up, outdoor sessions are my favorite. Since they’re able to sit, crawl, cruise and maybe even walk, outdoor sessions are ideal, as they have fun exploring their world. This is also the perfect age for little outfits! Feel free to take a look at photos from my Baby Photography and Family Photography sessions, and if you’d like to learn more, please contact me. Don’t forget to check out my full portfolio.


A little drool dripping off of your baby’s chin is something I personally love. And that baby chub?! Who can resist? There’s no doubt that baby sessions are super fun…and provide a perfect opportunity to capture this adorable stage of your little one’s development. I also bring some cute hats and beanies for your baby. I’ve also got a nice variety of buckets and baskets…and mini chairs that will help us create the perfect backdrop for your baby! Of course, I always love it when parents provide their own hats and beanies (and chairs, buckets and baskets) because it allows their personal style to shine through! Scroll down to view a slideshow of one of my baby sessions.