I loooove newborn sessions! The first few weeks of life are so, so special. The rate at which your newborn will grow and change is pretty unbelievable, so having photos taken during the first two weeks of life is a promise that you’ve captured that sweet and tender newborn goodness and locked it up in a bottle forever. I love to photograph all of the little details, like tiny fingers and toes, wispy baby hair, sleep smiles, yawns, and that beautiful delicate newborn skin. My approach to newborn photography includes a combination of modern portraiture and photojournalistic styling. I like to include as much of your home environment in the photos as I can. Tables, chairs, decor…all of these pieces of your home make it perfectly unique! I also love to include parents and siblings in the photo session. Even if you are squeemish about being in front of the camera, I promise you will not regret having those first fleeting moments holding your tiny precious bundle in your arms- captured on camera forever. Feel free to take a look at photos from my Newborn Photography sessions, and if you’d like to learn more, please contact me. Don’t forget to check out my full portfolio.


Oh yes! I have some majorly cute buckets and baskets that I’ve acquired over the years. But please don’t be surprised if I empty out that fruit bowl on your dining room table and ask if we can use it for our session. I’ll also bring my collection of textiles: knitted hats and beanies, headbands and flowers for your baby girl, blankets to use as backdrops, and adorable diaper covers & wraps. I shoot mostly in natural light, so upon arriving to your home, I’ll likely be moving some furniture around so that I can set-up where the best light is. Typically, I look for a wall in your home that is near a window, and use that as a plain backdrop. If that is not possible, I can also set-up a plain backdrop using my studio equipment.


One of the sweetest families I have had the pleasure of photographing over the years is Lindsey & Troy and their absolutely gorgeous boys. I’m so very lucky to have had them ask me to photograph both of their sons births as well as maternity and newborn sessions. It was just an amazing experience in every way….and their last newborn session shown below was the icing on the cake.What a beautiful family! Scroll down to view a slideshow of their newborn session.