Movie Session

Video Add-on

What better way to enhance your photo session than with actual, real live moments captured on video. It all started while I was shooting a family session last year…and I couldn’t help but feel captivated by the contagious laughter and tender moments that were unfolding before my eyes. So I stopped clicking for a moment and started filming–not knowing what I was going to doing with the footage, other than add the files to my client’s CD. ¬†Fast forward to my editing and proofing workflow for the session…I was able to combine the video clips with the actual photos that I had taken. I was so happy with the end result! So after almost 6 months of tweaking, I am ready to offer this option for all of my shoots!

During our photo session, I will capture various video feed snippets of you and your family in action. If there are specific moments you would like me to focus on, let me know! Perhaps you want to capture your child’s beautiful smile with a missing first tooth, or the charmingly quirky way he sticks out his tongue while he’s laughing as daddy tickles him….or perhaps the tender way she touches your cheek before she gives you an eskimo kiss. I will incorporate these clips into your slideshow. A high-resolution movie file will be included on your USB Flash Drive. Scroll down to view one of my recent sessions with video add-on.