…in a magazine! So pretty, so delicate, so lovely! Is it possible for a baby and nursery to “match”? If it is, this is definitely a prime example – the rosy nursery colors¬† and her beautiful complexion were a match made in heaven…

Sweet Aubrey was happiest when sitting on things that were soft and plush during our photo session – I don’t blame her – especially with a bare bottom! Grass and wicker stools were not things she was very excited about! But look, such a cute baby girl happy as can be on a nice cushy chair!

Wondering where our little model gets her good looks from — mommy!¬† Although I haven’t had a chance to meet daddy, I’m sure some of that comes from him, too!

While grass is not the most comfy texture when it comes to sitting, it is interesting to touch and feel with little fingers – Aubrey was a trooper and let me get sweet shots like this one.

  • Jim & Gail Behringer Hi Laura, Just saw all of Aubrey's pictures....she is so beautiful, so delicate and such a precious little girl. Wow, those shocking blue eyes just draw you to her. Thanks for sharing! luv ya Auntie Gail & Uncle Jim(08.01.2009 05:27am)
  • CINDY CUNNINGHAM Aubrey you are the light of my life you are such a beautiful little girl these photos are wonderful thankyou BLUEBERRY SKY !!!! LOVE GRANDMA(08.01.2009 05:27am)
  • Jennifer Respicio Hi Laura, Aubrey photographs are beautiful!!(08.10.2009 01:36am)
  • Annie I just love that first picture!! Beautiful! Great work.(08.21.2009 06:46pm)

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