…being so absolutely sweet, that is. Isn’t she just a doll? She’s an itty bitty bundle of joy – so adorable, squeezable, lovely! Her mommy described her smile as one that lights up an entire room – and I completely agree! Just look at that smile….so contagious! At 3.5 months, this beauty was an amazing model–sometimes this age can be tricky to photograph, but she was a dream! She loved looking right at the camera…and I was giddy every time she smiled :) Even when she wasn’t smiling, I was still captivated by her big brown eyes. So perfectly round…with a curiously innocent gaze. She is truly a beautiful baby. But what made me even happier was watching how mommy and daddy loved her up sooo much. They were so gentle, loving & effortless in the ways they interacted with their sweet baby girl :) I had am amazing time!

  • Abby's Mommy These pictures are gorgeous! I cant wait to see the rest of them. She is soo cute!(03.25.2010 08:23pm)
  • Jennifer O. Omg, she is sooooo cute!(03.26.2010 11:51am)
  • Shannon Soto she is so adorable...(03.26.2010 05:03pm)
  • Auni Kristy She is a beauty, cant wait to see the rest of the pictures!!!(03.26.2010 05:30pm)
  • Boston "Auntie" She is beyond words adorable! The photos, lighting and poses are great! Can't wait to see them all!(03.26.2010 05:48pm)
  • Grandma J She is so cute I want a picture.(03.26.2010 05:52pm)
  • Auntie Laura The pictures are awesome! What a cutie pie.(03.26.2010 10:33pm)
  • Helaine Love,love,love! How amazing. I just want to see more!(03.27.2010 04:19am)
  • Sue Abdelatif Aw this made my morning....Thanks Abby for making life so joyful for all of us.(03.27.2010 11:25am)
  • AUNT LEANNIE Love all the pictures, awesome hat Miss Abby!!!! Photographer did a great job with a beautiful baby girl (my princess)!!(03.28.2010 12:12pm)
  • Andrea Gomes She is such a beauty. The photos are so adorable and amazing. Can't wait to see Abby again!(03.29.2010 08:34am)
  • Dani Decker-Curry She looks so sweet!! Beautiful pictures!!!!!(03.29.2010 08:34am)
  • Texas "Aunt" Susan ADORABLE! These are absolutely beautiful pictures. Abby put on quite a photo op for the photographer and it appears the photographer took advantage of the wonderful opportunities Abby gave her. I can tell from these pictures why her Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her. What a personality and beauty!(03.29.2010 02:32pm)
  • Great Gramma Wilson What a ham! Give a little California girl a camera and she will melt your heart! What a beauty, and so precious in that hat! Priceless memories for Mom and Dad. Congratulations to all three, and to Blueberry Sky for capturing the moment.(03.29.2010 07:37pm)

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