…beautiful. This is just the perfect word to describe this adoring couple and their sweet baby. Few words can describe the amazing connection that mommy & daddy have. Just being around them makes me feel warm & fuzzy because they are clearly smitten with each other – it’s the cutest thing! And now with their new sweet baby girl, that love & emotion is even greater :) I sooo enjoy spending time with them – this little trio is very special, and I feel extremely lucky to have had a little glimpse into their journey to parenthood – and what amazing parents they are!

  • jenn, John and kaylin OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 these!!!!!!! AUDRA is beautiful just like her mamma! aka my bestie!!!!!!! congrats Erica & Jay!!!!! we love u guys !!! xoxoxoxo(01.26.2012 07:33pm)
  • Sofia So absolutely gorgeous, the new family. I miss and love you guys! Think of you daily. Sofia(01.27.2012 09:21am)
  • kathy fong Dear Jay & Erica, What a Beautiful Buddha Baby Audra. Her bedroom looks fabulous with Love From Her Parents. I am so proud of the two of you & the life you brought into this world. XOXO, Kathy(01.30.2012 08:43am)
  • amy and jay granzow Thanks for sending us these wonderful pictures of Audra and proud mama and papa! We send you lots of love and hugs, xoxo(01.30.2012 05:41pm)
  • ashanta wright These photos are amazing and Audra is so beautiful! She's so blessed to have such wonderful parents. Miss and love you both! (Erica xoxoxoxoxoxo :))(01.31.2012 03:06pm)
  • Marta and Marcello Hernandez Congratulations! Felicidades! to the happy couple and thier new special gift of life! the journey continues and experiences yet to come, from our family to yours " You have a beautiful angel"(02.02.2012 06:42am)
  • Lyn & Uri What a beautiful baby you made! Wishing you all healthy and happiness. We can see you have all the love! Mazel Tov!(02.07.2012 10:46pm)
  • Uri Fried You both look so happy. Try to recall that feeling in about thirteen years! All my best. Uri(02.08.2012 12:40pm)
  • camille congratulations from all of us :) shes so cute!! cant wait to see her hopefully sometime soon(02.16.2012 02:41pm)

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