Those curls, those lashes, those eyes – oh my! Her eyes are so beautifully big that you can see my reflection if you look closely.  I really enjoy 6-7 month sessions-it’s such a perfect time to photograph babies! I can’t call her cute, I have to call her gorgeous…because she is really one of the most beautiful/pretty/gorgeous little girls I have EVER photographed.  Couldn’t she be a baby model? YES!

Bucket + Bubbles + Rainbow bathing suit = Happy baby!

Sitting pretty in a little field of flowers….but she still outshines them :)

  • jay those eyes are just stunning! what an unforgettable little girl, her parents must be beautiful!(04.19.2009 02:56pm)
  • Karla Daniela Oh my God!!! I Have a beautiful niece, Baby you are like a little sunflower.(04.19.2009 11:44pm)
  • Erika Edith I'm a proud aunt of this gorgeous baby girl!!(04.20.2009 12:12am)
  • Priscilla Zollicoffer Oh my God!!! She is a gorgeous baby girl just outstanding!! Ten lineda Belle Belle(04.20.2009 03:02pm)
  • kim wowwwwwww!!! these eyes are just amazing!!!! beautiful baby girl(04.20.2009 04:24pm)
  • Alexandra Those are truly some of the most gorgeous baby pictures I have ever seen! The colors are fantastic!(04.20.2009 06:44pm)
  • Alma se le ven unos ojos muy bonitos parese gril echa para comerciales sacale jugo jajajajajajaj(04.20.2009 07:41pm)
  • Bombonita This baby has the most playful smile and wonderful eyes that I had ever seen. I love baby!!! :)(04.20.2009 07:57pm)
  • lupita neri she is the most beautiful baby that i now.........felicidades hermanita a ver si haces muchos d estos..jajaja(04.20.2009 08:24pm)
  • lupita neri omg....i cant wait to see the oder pictures!!!!!!(04.20.2009 08:26pm)
  • Yvonne These are PERFECT! Love every single on of these!!!!!!(04.20.2009 09:11pm)
  • rosii ho0la h0ola ezta precioza ezta niña parece una muñekita ezta hermoza bueno ya me voii kiss(04.20.2009 10:30pm)
  • glory felicidades.... que hermosa bebe. Es un angelito...(04.21.2009 04:24am)
  • Monica Bouchard The Mom is pretty and my nephew super, super, super handsome, that's why Valerie is super super PRECIOSA!. This world needs more girls like valerie!!!!!(04.21.2009 03:17pm)
  • sergio santellan those pictures are great. Valerie looks beautiful. her eyes in the pictures are hypnotizing.(04.21.2009 07:04pm)
  • Mayra Que Nena tan mas hermosa... con esos ojos increibles. Felicidades!(04.21.2009 08:21pm)
  • Han She is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!... Mommy put make up on.... kkk I want to bite her cheek... Hehe(04.21.2009 08:53pm)
  • Cindy She is soooo beautiful .... Que ojos mas bellos tiene este angelito..(04.21.2009 08:59pm)
  • Adriana Duenas Adorable pictures!(04.21.2009 09:19pm)
  • lupita neri NO HAY NADIE COMO MI BB PRECIOSA...TE ADORO MAMAS(04.22.2009 01:14am)
  • adriana moreno Wow!!!! muchas felicidades por esta hermosa niña, tiene unos ojos muy bellos(04.22.2009 01:58am)
  • Jackie Manzo Valeria is truly photogenic. The pictures are stunning, she's a true natural and a gorgeous baby girl. Congrats to my cousin Danny and Marian.(04.23.2009 01:29am)
  • han absolutely beautiful girl!!!!!!(04.28.2009 12:30am)
  • Liz Gomez OMG she is beautiful, her eyes are gorgeous. She could be a baby model for gap, specially the pix with her bathing suit.(05.07.2009 04:14pm)
  • erika cute baby(07.27.2011 11:36pm)

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