…okay, okay, so he was feeling sleepy shortly after we began our photo session. However, from the looks of these images, it sure didn’t seem that way! It’s always a treat to photograph this family. I mean, they are just gorgeous. Now that it’s been almost an entire year since I’ve seen them, I don’t need any more proof that my inkling was correct: Breyker is even more adorable than he was as a newborn (if that’s possible, right?). He has big blue eyes and a sweet, sweet smile. I think he looks so much like mommy and grandma when he smiles. And when he’s got that pensive look, his eyes are big and blue just like daddy’s. Heartbreaker….yes, he will be a heartbreaker. Here he is, giggles, smiles, baby teeth and all :)

  • Lindsey Thank you Julie! You are amazing! Even though the little booger was a bit grumpy, you would never know it. Thank goodness for a great photographer!(06.06.2011 06:45pm)
  • Saphire INCREDIBLE photographs!!! You make a beautiful family look even more amazing!(06.06.2011 07:00pm)
  • Tiffany Gorgeous pics! Loved the birth photos and these turned out just as lovely!(06.06.2011 07:20pm)
  • Sylvia Wow, He is so darn CUTE! These shots are AMAZING. Great color schemes in the settings. I look forward to all the photo shoots you Holmes' get with BlueberrySky Photography... ♥♥♥(06.06.2011 07:24pm)
  • Rocio Amazing!!! Can he be anymore perfect!! Soooo cute!! Great pictures.Love you guys xoxo(06.06.2011 07:46pm)
  • Kelly All of your photos have been absolutely amazing and LOVE the location of this session! Love you all xoxo(06.06.2011 08:24pm)
  • Grandma Linda Grandma Linda may be somewhat biased BUT my little grandson is absolutely gorgeous. Actually, I have three beautiful kids (T, L and B). These photos are stunning!!!! Thank you Julie and Blueberry Photography for giving us such wonderful photographs to remember these precious years.(06.06.2011 08:34pm)
  • Regina These photos are amazing!!! Breyker is SO cute!(06.06.2011 08:48pm)
  • Sara Love, love, love!(06.06.2011 08:56pm)
  • Paula Noga OMG!!!! Is that a GAP baby model or what!? He has grown so much and he is gorgeous! What great family pictures. You need to come to the valley so we can squeeze him too...please!(06.06.2011 11:38pm)
  • Lola Lorri I LOVE the retro theme. Where was this local? I can't say enough times how beautiful you all are. Outward and inward. I'm a very blessed Lola (that's filipino for grandma).(06.07.2011 05:47am)
  • Cheryl Adorable!!! The vibrant colors match his eyes. He is a heartbreaker already. All three of y'all look amazing... =)(06.07.2011 07:27am)
  • Brittany Keisling Super amazing photos. Need some like this of Liam. Please call me 949-903-0699(06.07.2011 02:19pm)
  • Jakob I can't believe he's 1 already! beautiful photos!(06.08.2011 11:32am)
  • Grandpa Mike Beautiful pictures of a cute little boy (my grandson). Thank you for capturing these incredible moments in time.(06.08.2011 01:29pm)
  • Nino That's one cool kid. Great photography!(06.08.2011 09:06pm)
  • Ashlee What a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing(06.10.2011 09:25am)

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