…to meet you! Really, really, REALLY happy! Would you look at that smile?! No words to describe her, no words at all. Those cheeks, those rainbow eyes, that button nose! Oh my! She was the smiliest newborn baby girl that I’ve photographed to date. EVER. After she pooped on my blanket, she was all smiles for the remainder of the session :) Trust me, I don’t mind a little baby poop, especially if it means I will get sleep smiles all session long! What an absolutely adorable, super chubby cuddly little girl! She was a total joy to photograph! Of course, everyone loves a chubby baby – how can anyone resist adorable baby rolls?! ┬áBut I especially love them because they tend to be super sleepy :) Our sweet girl was indeed a sleepy little thing and that made for one happy photographer. But watch out, when awake, she opened her eyes big and wide – showing us just how gorgeous they are :)

  • Chloe Creed The baby!!(08.26.2011 08:20am)

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