What better way to kick off my busy season than with a photo shoot of the Smith Family. Just 6 months ago, the twins were only 1/3 of what they weigh now. Tiny, so tiny…itty bitty little things. It’s truly amazing just how fast babies grow and change during their first year! Now they are adorably chubby and growing bigger and bigger by the day. I had an inkling that they’d have beautiful blue eyes just like their big brothers – and boy was I right. Both babies have big blue eyes, gorgeous! They were also very good to me during our session. The impossible shot (one with all 4 kids looking at me), was made possible because they were quite the cooperative little duo :) But I know they will make me work next time – they’ll be walking…so can you imagine the workout I will get then?! Bring it though, I’m ready! I’m also ready and totally into my busy reason right now. It has begun! Holidays are just around the corner – unbelievable!

  • Meloni Hallock Julie - Absolutely delicious images of all the boys. Thanks for capturing such precious memories.(10.16.2012 11:29am)

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