Yes, so very sad….but in a good way! Isn’t it true that having your second baby makes the experience more sad?! Let me clarify…with a first baby, everything is new. I remember thinking to myself…oh, I can’t wait until my boy sits up on his own, I can’t wait for him to crawl, I can’t wait until he eats solids, I can’t wait until he talks! Just so excited to see what would be coming next! Then, with the 2nd baby, it’s more like – No! Don’t crawl, don’t walk, don’t eat table food, don’t grow teeth. Why? Because it means that your babe is growing up…and before you know it, that babe will be big, just like your first born! So sad! So, so sad! I know we want to keep them small and adorable forever :) This is why I really love babies around 7-10 months. It’s such a perfect age. They are scrumptiously chubby, drooly, cuddly, still somewhat immobile, not walking yet. Personality just exploding. Love, love this age. But definitely sad because they grow so quickly from here on out. Sigh….

  • Shannon Julie!! These are so beautiful. I love them all! You are such an amazing photographer, so sweet and wonderful with the kids. Sam just adores you. It's so fun to see. :) Thank you Julie for capturing all our little life's stages, we love you!(06.19.2012 09:15am)
  • Asal These are great family pics guys, I can't even pick my favorite. Loved them all!(06.19.2012 09:32am)
  • Ben Your the best Julie. Thank you for capturing my family so perfectly.(06.19.2012 09:39am)
  • Miguel Flowers Great Pictures cuz !!! Have a great looking famiily !!!(06.19.2012 09:39am)
  • Christa I absolutely love these photos of you guys! Julie has definitely captured what a beautiful family you have become! Love you guys:)(06.19.2012 09:56am)
  • Lauren S These pictures are so cute! Great family pics. :)(06.19.2012 10:05am)
  • Nancy Primmer Another fantastic photo shoot. My favorite shot is of Luke and "those" eyes. The pictures are all wonderful as Julie knows how to capture it all. Thanks for sharing(06.19.2012 11:34am)
  • Gamy Val As always great photography! The Cutest Family pics ....Luke looks like His Daddy also a lil of Grandpa Gene!!! Love you kids!!!!(06.19.2012 11:48am)
  • Nicole The pictures turned out really good! The boys are getting so big!!!(06.19.2012 12:57pm)
  • Mike Such handsome boys. Luke is a perfectly chubby little baby. The photography is awesome as always.(06.19.2012 04:47pm)
  • Lisa Such beautiful photos, I love the naked chubby photos, Luke's eyes are so blue and Sammy's sweet disposition with a side of mischievous are totally captured.(06.19.2012 08:33pm)
  • Grandma Bonnie Let me dab my eyes a bit...these pictures are as precious! Everyone looks great. Sammy is as cute as ever! And little Luke is proving to be just as photogenic as his big brother! Kiss kiss!(06.20.2012 05:50am)
  • BB The upside down laughing Beardslees. What a wonderful group of pictures. It's a joy to see the evolution of your family documented so beautifully.(06.20.2012 05:54am)
  • Mr. Lopez Absolutely gorgeous!! My favorite photo is of Sam jumping from un-explainable heights and landing like a Super Hero!! Great session all!!(06.20.2012 03:39pm)
  • Auntie Kristen These boys are so freakin cute! I just LOVE how big Luke is getting. They are too prescious!(06.23.2012 04:39pm)
  • Kim & Dottie What a most perfectly happy family! You make the best natural, unposed, beautiful pictures together!(06.23.2012 07:34pm)
  • Lea White Love the pictures. Such cute little babies and you and Ben look amazing too!(06.26.2012 12:26pm)
  • Joanne Bright Got these amazing photos from Grandma Bonnie, and so very glad to see Luke for the first time and to see Sam again! Beautiful family, so blessed and happy!(07.07.2012 10:36am)

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