that beautiful, firey red hair can give you a pretty accurate bit of insight about this little girl. Just as her mom described her – she is definitely a red-headed ball of fire! Full of sparkle & personality, that’s for sure! And of course, her little brother was equally fun to photograph. He was one of the most relaxed babies I’ve photographed. A content, happy little guy with stunning blue yes (just like his mama’s). And would you get a load of those sibling shots?! Super cute duo indeed! What makes it even more lovely? They actually enjoyed being next to each other – which is not always the case when I do sibling shots at their ages :) An overall super fun session that also got me some much needed cardio as I chased big sis around!

  • Victoria - Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer Her red hair is so precious! Great job!(01.01.2012 03:25am)
  • Eleanor Ord The pictures are amazing. You really captured Alex's spirit and energy and the baby's sweet nature!(01.05.2012 10:54am)

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