…this baby is too adorable for words! Not only is he super duper cute…but he was also a champion sleeper. Totally sleepy, warm & cuddly – perfect for a photo shoot. It was pretty challenging not to blog their entire newborn session! ┬áIs he not the most adorable, sweet baby boy you’ve ever seen? And we definitely had a smiler on our hands – I knew that if I was patient, I’d get to see him smile while he slept in this perfect little pose – and I was right…would you look at the cuteness! He definitely has me smiling :)

Family images on black aren’t typically my favorite type of shots. I much prefer lifestyle images of parents with their newborn hanging out in the living room, bedroom, nursery or yard. BUT – I must say, I actually adore these below. Sweet baby boy settled so perfectly in his mommy and daddy’s arms…I just couldn’t help but fall for these! Plus, would you look at his little smile again?! So much smiling :) My fave has to be the close-up with daddy – because you can see his itty bitty pink gums – so precious. I seriously miss my son’s toothless grins…now he has a bunch of teeth that we have to brush!

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