It’s been years since I’ve had a shoot at the pier…years! And I almost forgot how adorable it is :) Full of color and so much fun! Besides, if you have an awesome family willing to make it out at the crack of dawn (literally) and brave the cold, the shoot has to be destined for success, right?! An amazing time catching up with these two adorable kiddos :)

  • Sandi Steiner Show me more!! Absolutely wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.(11.25.2016 02:58pm)
  • Susan Hallock Adorable!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Love those two cuties!(11.26.2016 04:33pm)
  • Andrew Muroff Those kids are gorgeous. I love the colors on the pier.(11.26.2016 04:49pm)
  • Kyle Aebker At least three outfit changes? Smiles? Don't know how you did it, but the family looks GREAT!(11.27.2016 04:53am)
  • Lyn Center What a beautiful family! You are all very lucky and I'm so glad you are sharing your happiness.(11.27.2016 08:43am)
  • Meloni Hallock The twins are growing up too fast! These photos beautifully capture both the sunshine in their smiles and the sunshine in a lovely warm fall southern CA morning.(11.27.2016 04:09pm)
  • Michael Steiner Julie somehow makes me look good and that's saying a lot. She's so good at getting the kids to have fun.(11.28.2016 09:22pm)
  • Laura Jordan More outfit changes than a taylor swift concert! Love the bright colors of the pier, might have to be my next family photo spot. Amazing Pics!(11.28.2016 09:42pm)
  • midori ADORABLE twins! Lovely shots.(11.29.2016 04:28pm)
  • Max Boigon So good! Happy family, and amazing pictures. More please...(12.01.2016 09:55am)
  • Steven Wonderful!!!(01.27.2017 01:47pm)

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