Yes, it’s true. Spring time is upon us! Here at this dreamy spot, the bees were buzzing, squirrels were running, the air was warm and clear, the ocean waves were crashing softly against the rocks…and the flowers were in fuuull bloom. Just look at at this breathtaking scenery! It’s hard to believe that this is in Los Angeles, folks! Sooo, who is going to be my first family of Spring to shoot here????! ¬†Any takers??? I just have an itty bitty feeling that I’ll be here a lot on the weekends :)

  • Shannon We'll do it! :) Give Sam some balloons and bubbles and a field. Sounds beautiful to me. Im sure you'll have many more takers before we get to see you in August.(04.17.2010 07:28pm)
  • Carrie - Grandma Parks looks amazing and lovely. Would be a great setting for a family shoot.(04.22.2011 10:26am)

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