…and everything nice! That’s what little girls are made of. ¬†Especially this little girl! At three months old, she is just as cute as a button and tolerated tummy time like a little champ! She’s got the rosiest cheeks, pinkest pout….and big, beautiful, curious eyes.

and her complexion is just flawless. Isn’t she pretty?

…and here she is getting some snuggle time in with mommy. There’s nothing better than mommy love :)

And while little miss is sweet and delicate…..this little man is rambunctious and full of energy! He’s got beautiful eyes and an amazingly contagious laugh! I absolutely adore being around preschoolers….their energy, their honesty, their pure and uncensored ways make me smile…and more often than not, make me roll on the floor laughing!

  • Thao Kieu Lilah and Lieam are so adorable. Such memorable pictures !!! Good job mommy.(02.24.2010 07:29am)
  • Denise Nguyen the pictures are so adorable!!!! I love it.(02.24.2010 08:02am)
  • Hannah Brame The kids are adorable! Lilah is so beautiful, just like her mommy! I love her hat! Thanks for sharing-(02.24.2010 08:08am)
  • Kim Nguyen Oh my goodness how cute! Thanks for the sneak peek! Can't wait to see Lilah this weekend!!(02.24.2010 08:35am)
  • Gloria Torres OMG...they are so cute!!! Lilah is so pretty and delicate! Thao and Thanh, you both are blessed to have such beautiful children.(02.24.2010 03:59pm)
  • Julie & Hiep Lilah is so precious...makes us want to produce another miracle:) Liem is such a handsome lad...the boy got IT!!! xoxo, Hiep, Julie & Lauren(02.25.2010 08:39am)
  • Thanh and Peter Julie did a great job with the kids. Lilah was such a trooper, 2 hrs session and a bunch of outfits later... she was in such a good mood, never whined a bit. Liem is such a HAM by nature. =)(02.25.2010 05:15pm)
  • Lauren Ha Beautiful pics of the kids.(02.25.2010 05:17pm)
  • Peter Mai Lilah and Liem had a great time and it was wonderful watching them in their own element.(02.25.2010 05:18pm)
  • Lauren Ha They are beautiful!!(02.25.2010 05:21pm)
  • Chi & Mimi Lilah is so cute and adorable!!! Liem, stop growing up too fast. We miss you!(02.25.2010 05:51pm)
  • Victoria and Josh What a precious moment of Lilah and Liem! These pictures will be memorable for the rest of their life and their proud, loving parents.(02.26.2010 12:34am)
  • Jennifer O. They are such gorgeous kids!(02.27.2010 04:47am)
  • My Ha The pics came out nicely and the kids are too cute. We have baby models.(03.02.2010 06:08pm)
  • The Hamdans Our Liemie is so handsome and Lilah is such a beautiful baby. Thanx for sharing, can't wait to see the rest of the pics.(03.03.2010 08:47pm)
  • Minh-thu Awhh.. they are so cute! Beautiful photography and, of course, gorgeous models! Sending lots of hugs and kisses to the kids...(03.03.2010 08:52pm)
  • Huy Trinh Love the pics! The kids are too precious and adorable!(03.03.2010 08:58pm)
  • Kathy Nguyen The colors and backgrounds are perfect for the kids. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.(03.04.2010 04:42am)
  • ThaiSon & VinhSon TS and VS wants to have hair like Liemy when they grow up! : ) And their mommy would love a little girl as adorable as Lilah! Thx for sharing!(03.04.2010 06:53am)
  • Thanh Vy What a beautiful girl! and Liemie is sooooooooo handsome!!! I love these pics. Thanks for sharing.(03.04.2010 08:14am)
  • Danielle Mai How adorable!!!(03.04.2010 09:24am)
  • Donna ONG they are just to cute!!! My little Liem is growning up :)!! He is a big boy now. How adorable!! What they do now with Pictures!!(03.06.2010 11:39am)
  • Liza Mocorro how blessed are we :) both so adorable and photogenic . . . such a joy and gift to us all . . take care and a happy easter . . .(03.19.2010 12:08pm)
  • Alex They are so adorable. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.(03.28.2010 10:19pm)

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