Two girls, two very different personalities! Big sister is such a sweet, sweet girl with a beautiful smile that shows her gentle side. Little sister is a fireball, full of energy and likes to make funny faces :) The very first blog image is actually one of my faves just because of the face she is making! I love it! I usually prefer images where the subjects are not all looking at the camera – but this is an exception :) She reminds me a lot of my son (who happens to be the same age and attends the same preschool)! He actually makes that very same face in about 75% of the pictures I have from the time he turned three! It was so much fun hanging out with this family. They are extremely easy going and fun! I was really into the setting as well – I think it was perfect for them! And can you believe how lucky we were – the local fire fighters were out shining their truck as we passed, so the girls were invited to sit inside the truck and of course, take some pictures right there in front too!

  • Francine Mittenthal GORGEOUS shots and beautiful colors!!! ADORABLE GIRLS!!!(02.02.2012 05:26am)
  • Lauren Beautiful photos! You have really captured the personality of the girls & the whole family :) love them all <3(02.02.2012 06:53pm)
  • kim weathersbee love, love, love all of the pictures! such a beautiful family! gorgeous girls!(02.02.2012 07:03pm)
  • wade great shots! adorable girls!(02.02.2012 07:14pm)
  • Chris Adorable photos. The whole family looks great! It looks like everyone is having fun:)(02.02.2012 07:42pm)
  • Tina WOW! looks like a shoot with professional models. Very nice!(02.02.2012 09:05pm)
  • Tricia Adorable pictures!!! I love all of them! What a beautiful family and the kids are so cute and full of personality!(02.02.2012 09:27pm)
  • Anne Lee Lovely! Just lovely! These photos should be in a magazine!!!(02.03.2012 08:45am)
  • Spencer Those kids must be adopted cause they're too cute! Pictures look awesome!(02.03.2012 10:39am)
  • Shigeko Shibata Nicely done!!(02.04.2012 11:18pm)
  • Roxanne Such a lovely family! You will certainly treasure these beautiful photos in the years to come!(02.05.2012 08:37am)
  • Joy Absolutely adorable photo of a happy, loving family! What a phenomenal shot!(02.05.2012 08:13pm)
  • Kristen Hayashida Emily just needs to put a pinky up by her mouth and she'd have the Austin Powers look down! The whole family looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!(02.06.2012 07:52am)
  • N+L Soooo cute!! You guys look soooo happy! Love them all!(02.21.2012 11:29pm)

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