…is the best word that I could think of to describe him. Sure, words like happy, smiley, giggly, jolly, adorably sweet, cuddly & super huggable also come to mind when thinking about him – but what I love most is how he’s just like a burst of SUNSHINE :) His big smile literally lights up his entire face (and the faces of everyone around him). I had a wonderful time hanging out with this amazing little boy and his parents! Not only is he a little (or, more like BIG) ray of sunshine, but I have to say that he’s also one of the most relaxed, easy going, cooperative tots I’ve photographed. Ever. Not a fussy moment the entire time we were together – he was literally all giggles :) Don’t you just want to give him hugs all day long? Such a sweeeetie pie!

  • Shannon Thank you Julie!!! The pictures are amazing, as usual. :) Sam had so much fun with you, he kept talking about you all day. Can't wait to see you again in December! <3(08.18.2011 07:47am)
  • Suzanne Parker These seriously made me cry to such a beutiful and happy family in such a beautiful and artsy setting - love them!!!!(08.18.2011 07:54am)
  • Bonnie Beardslee Wow! Awesome! Amazing! Such a beautiful and wonderful child and mommy and daddy! Love you all! Grandma Bonnie(08.18.2011 08:12am)
  • lea white I also cried...these are just so beautiful and colorful! You have an amazing family!(08.18.2011 09:23am)
  • Debbie Hale Beautiful!!! These pictures are awesome. I am going to forward this photograpers link to my daughter in law--they need to use a real photographer and get some good pictures like this. Jule--you really know how to capture the personality of the kids (especially Sam). Shannon-thanks for sharing!!! Debbie(08.18.2011 10:44am)
  • ashley younger-rodriguez what a cute boy you both have and to think thats a "little ben" lol I always love the photos you have done of sam i must contact and get some photos done of alyssa :)(08.18.2011 12:24pm)
  • Lisa She really captured the love between you guys! Gorgeous family, you might want to consider modeling for Sammy, he's so beautiful!(08.18.2011 01:13pm)
  • Sandy Bakken Sunshine is the perfect word for that handsome little man! You have described him perfectly and have captured his sweet personality in these awesome photos...it just makes you want to hug him....thanks for sharing!(08.18.2011 03:29pm)
  • Nancy Primmer These photographs of little Sam just keep getting better and better! He is such a beautiful child and yes, he is mellow all the time. He's going to make a wonderful big brother. Shannon, don't, please, don't ever change photographers!!!! Love, Nancy(08.18.2011 04:28pm)
  • Anna Love...love...love these pics! Sam is so adorable:)(08.18.2011 05:11pm)
  • Richard What a beautiful young family!!! Well, Shannon and Sam are beautiful, Ben is a most handsome Dude. Love the props! Want to know more about that antique house trailer? What is the brand name and year?(08.18.2011 05:54pm)
  • Ben Thanks for the great pictures Julie, its amazing what you can do, especially with someone as cute as my Sammy Boy!(08.18.2011 08:54pm)
  • Kristen Lopez These pictures are absolutely amazing!! I love the location and beautiful colors. As always, You've truly captured Sammy's big personality! What a handsome little Nephew I have!!!(08.18.2011 08:58pm)
  • Cousins Jan & Ken Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Sammy is a real cutie and you all look wonderful together.(08.19.2011 11:03am)
  • Val...Ma....Mom...G-Ma Best Baby Ever!!!! So cute....he should be in Movies..TV...or at least a GQ Model...Hey shanny....He has your HAIR! Wonderful Photograper....She's brilliant....!(08.19.2011 04:32pm)
  • kerissa davis Wow these pictures are so beautiful...Sam is a model boy! Too cute.(08.21.2011 10:31am)
  • Christa I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Sammy! These are definitely some of my favorites!! He's such a happy boy. Beautiful! Love you guys!(08.22.2011 08:20am)
  • Papa Gary Beautiful shots of the best grandson ever!!(08.25.2011 09:16am)

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