Pictures of Hope Foundation is an awesome organization that provides FREE documentary style photography services to families with newborns in the NICU.  Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is now a member and offers this service to families with newborns in the South Bay (Little Company of Mary’s & Torrance Memorial). Visit the Pictures of Hope website for details about this amazing organization.  Busy season is in full swing for BSP (and photographers in general), but it’s my personal mission to do all that I can to contribute!

  • Trish That's beautiful, Julie. What a wonderful foundation! It was great to see you today. Can't wait to see what you got!(05.12.2009 03:58am)
  • Jennifer Okumura ( Kaylin's mommy) What a beautiful foundation. Julie, you are truly amazing! Isn't it nice to help others, while doing what we do best! From an RN to a wonderful photographer...we are making a difference! xo~ Jenn p.s. there was a small sense of pride when I saw that Kaylin is featured on your advertisement ( both on the web and in a store!) ok, I lied...we were very proud! =) thanks, again Julie! can't wait to see our prints!!!(05.13.2009 04:47pm)

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