What a sweet, gentle, lovely baby girl. She’s is a ray of sunshine, that’s for sure! My favorite part of this shoot was watching mommy & daddy put on a show for her to make her laugh. Clapping, singing, dancing & totally entertaining her — so cute and very effective! Parents are always the best at making their little ones laugh. I always try, but never as effective as mommy and daddy :) Although she didn’t want to eat her birthday cake, I do think she secretly enjoyed smashing it with her super adorable bare feet!

  • Eleanor Ord Beautiful Juliette! Love the ones of her with the boat and with her cake.(11.12.2013 05:47pm)
  • Luiza Aw... Such beautiful pictures ! Love all of them ! She looks like a princess ... :)(11.12.2013 06:20pm)
  • David Meyerhardt Very nice pictures. You are all very lucky. Beautiful family! If the pink box looking thing was the cake....I will pass on a slice.(11.12.2013 06:30pm)
  • Denise So cute!!!! And just beautiful pictures! You all look fantastic and happy and Juliette is clearly the apple of both Mommy and Daddy's eye.(11.12.2013 10:53pm)
  • Brian Krinsky Great pics!(11.13.2013 05:39am)
  • Roberta Hey Guys....Wow....Most of all the whole family looks so happy and wonderful. You need ten kids....one just not enough with all this love and happiness to go around. Love all of you...including mom.(11.13.2013 06:45am)
  • Lisa Truly beautiful pictures! I love all of the shots and Juliette's little outfits! Thanks so much for sharing.(11.13.2013 01:11pm)
  • Cindy Plasters Absolutely beautiful pictures of a special little girl, Juliette and her wonderful mommy and daddy!!! Her smile is priceless, love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!(11.13.2013 08:27pm)
  • Ariana Jorissen Juliette is adorable, Mommy beautiful, Daddy handsome- what a great photo shoot. Congratulations on Juliette's first birthday.(11.15.2013 11:28am)

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