You may recognize this little cutie…I photograph him every 3 months! It’s actually neat to photograph him in the same spot at least a few times every session, because you can see how much he’s changed.  At three months, he was laying down in a basket, at 6 months, he was just barely sitting up with help from mom, and now at 8 months, he’s sitting up without hesitation – next time, at 12 mos, he’ll probably be running!

I think the look on his face here is just the best. Those cheeks – Soooo pinchable!

But then again, his laughs are also phenomenal. He laughs with his entire body – it’s the cutest thing!

It’s neat to look back and think, wow, when I photographed him as a newborn, we had no idea what he’d be like 8 months later….Isn’t it amazing how different 8 months looks????

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