She was the Belle of the ball during our photo session, and I just have this little feeling that the trend will continue on for months to come :)  She’s definitely a girlie girl…a little princess…so sweet and pretty. You can see for yourself how lovely she is…precious little Hailey Belle at only 8 days young. Annnd of course, her beautiful mommy & daddy – so you can see where she gets her good looks from!

There’s no better place for a newborn to be than in mommy’s arms. And, there’s no better place for a mommy to be — than in daddy’s arms :)

  • Fred Cerullo She is amazing! such a beauty! and mom and dad- you both look pretty darn good yourselves! congratulations!! love, "Uncle Fred" in NYC!(05.17.2010 11:07am)
  • Aunt Kitty I have never seen more beautiful pictures in my whole life. I can't believe just how blue her eyes are, how perfect her skin is, how truly gorgeous she is period. Every picture is awesome, but the one of the three of you is beyond words. I love you guys soooooooooo much.(05.17.2010 11:42am)
  • GrandmaDottie It's times like these that I wish I had the gift of words that my son and new daughter have......but I don't....OMG ia just not good enough!!! My recent weight gain, turns out, is from my not longer could hold all the love I have for this grandbaby plus the new added love I have for my son and my new daughter after seeing them as parents to this most precious my heart has grown bigger and stronger :o) What can I say? Life is good(05.17.2010 11:45am)
  • Alexis Hailey Belle is gorgeous and the photography is fantastic!!! I can't wait to meet her in person.(05.17.2010 12:32pm)
  • Pam What beautiful photos. She is darling and her blue eyes are so amazing. These are photos to treasure for a lifetime.(05.17.2010 12:41pm)
  • Cat She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pretty! Here eyes are show stoppers. Is she going to walk around the house with her blankie like you did...:) Lots of love!(05.17.2010 01:02pm)
  • Bill Feel farther away from L.A. than before. I HAVE to meet Hailey when I'm back in town. You ALL look amazing!! Best wishes and love from Cleveland... xoxo(05.17.2010 02:59pm)
  • Ruthye amazing!!! great photos!(05.17.2010 03:29pm)
  • GrandmaDottie Pretty Blue Eyes may be my new nickname for Hailey Belle Hutchens :)(05.17.2010 05:47pm)
  • Aunt Margie and Aunt Pat Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby!!! and the parents are cute, too.(05.18.2010 08:55am)
  • Troy Woodrow Wow, those blue eyes are incredible. Love the last shot of you and Dane and Hailey. Send it to HallMark and ask for royalties! Awesome! Troy(05.18.2010 11:07am)
  • Corrie Hutchens I might be a little bias, but I think she is pretty cute :) Love the pics Julie!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!(05.18.2010 04:43pm)
  • The Wilcox Clan These are the days to remember. Beautiful Hailey, beautiful parents, beautiful life. Life sure is good, isn't it? All our love....(05.19.2010 10:46am)
  • Eilene Rudy Hello Hailey Belle. I Love your style. Matching Buttons and Bows. You are sooooo beautiful Head to toe!!!! LOVE GRANDMA RUDY.(05.19.2010 12:15pm)
  • Chin-Lu Beautiful pictures! WOW!(12.02.2010 11:40am)

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