Welcome to this big world! Born just a few days before Valentine’s Day :) What a perfect, perfect little gift. When I got home from this birth, I peeked in at my sleeping son (who just turned three), and stood in awe for a bit. After witnessing the miracle of childbirth only hours before, I remembered just how small he was three years ago. How do our babies grow up so fast? How is it that when I look at him, I still see the tiny little boy that I cradled in my arms at the hospital?¬†Parenthood is such an amazing journey…and I feel so, so lucky to be able to capture these fleeting moments for families. And oh my, would you look at this sweet boy? He is just gorgeous! ¬†That shouldn’t really come as a surprise though – look at how beautiful mommy is!

Congratulations to the family for an awesome, natural water birth at home! Women are just amazing, amazing!

  • Gina Lopez Never doubted for a moment that Jaymee and Justin would make an incredible natural birth team. So happy my nephew, Gavin is finally here. Congratulations Jaymee and Justin; the pictures are absolutely beautiful!!(02.14.2011 05:23pm)
  • Maria Beautiful images and family! Jaymee, you look so beautiful and I can't wait for you to tell about your experience. All the best to you and your recovery as well as your family. Congratulations!(02.14.2011 07:43pm)
  • Mikaela These photos are absolutley amazing. Jaymee, you look incredibly beautiful. The photo of Justin wiping his eyes, made me tear up. You have such a beautiful family and I feel so lucky to be a part of your lives. I cannot wait to meet the newest McMahon!(02.15.2011 11:05am)
  • Laura Freeman Jaymme, Justin & Jaeden, I am so happy for you guys. COngraulations! I cant wait to see the rest of the pictures and I cant wait to meet little Gavin. The pictures are beautiful! Look at those lips...(02.20.2011 02:31pm)
  • Laura Freeman Jaymee, Justin & Jaeden congratulations on your precious miracle. Your pictures show how strong and connected you are as a family. Both of you deserve praise for working together to bring this little miracle into this world in such a loving manner. I cant wait till we have a family reunion love you guys! & thank you for sharing your special moment with us.(02.25.2011 07:26am)

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