…of greeting is one that involves a sweet, adorable, cuddly little boy and a great big bear hug! The first thing he did was run up and give me the cuddliest hug! I was so very happy that he remembered me even though it had been an entire year since  I last photographed him & his beautiful family. I had a feeling at that point that our session would rock! This was definitely the case :) Everyone was full of energy and you could just feel the love! And big bro was so super cooperative – it’s hard photographing kids between 18-36 months because they really just want to do what THEY want to do, naturally – but this little guy makes my job look so easy because he pretty much enthusiastically went with the flow of what I asked him to do – even laying on the moist grass – which he actually liked and thought was funny! Aaand, I was even able to get what I call the “impossible shot” – which is a good smiling shot of itty bitty siblings together — and they were even both looking at the camera – wow! This family session was so refreshing…I just love what I do! So lucky!

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