…is definitely in mommy’s arms. And who can blame him? It sure beats sitting in a bucket :) Plus he gets lots of snuggles, hugs & kisses. What a super cute baby boy, right?! Such gorgeous blue eyes! I had the most fun hanging out with this sweetie and his family & thoroughly enjoyed watching how wonderful his grandma was at entertaining him and making him smile – so cute! We were definitely lucky to have her there for our session! All of her efforts paid off – just look at his sweet smile :) And I must say that he has a super duper daddy, too. Daddy was very patient and helpful the entire session – and always there! A lot of times dads run away and hide after about 10 minutes into the session :) Not this daddy though, he was very supportive and involved! Kudos to daddy! A wonderful session with a wonderful family!

  • Matt Beautiful!(10.04.2012 10:12am)
  • MATT Great photos! Nice job Julie!(10.04.2012 11:59am)
  • Vincent So cute! His beautiful, blue eyes are so vibrant with curiosity and excitement. What's this brave new world I'm in? Congratulations again - wonderful photos. The best part is, there are many more photos and memories to be made. ;)(10.04.2012 12:38pm)
  • Jessica Gorgeous! You all look lovely, so glad you got some great photos done :)(10.04.2012 04:17pm)
  • Danielle Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!(10.04.2012 05:17pm)
  • Jennifer Such beautiful pictures and a beautiful family.(10.05.2012 08:20am)
  • Ry These are the best baby pictures I've ever seen. I haven't seen Jake in several months but he's absolutely adorable.(10.05.2012 12:00pm)
  • Karen Jake is super adorable! Great pictures of the fam too!(10.07.2012 04:12pm)

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