was three! One, two, three….weeeee! And of course, three lovely subjects to photograph makes it 3x the fun! What a darling little girl – she was giggly, full of smiles, and just as pretty as can be :) All family sessions should be this effortless & natural…really, their session couldn’t have been more fantastic – not a tear in sight, and not a tantrum to be seen! Plus the location was fabulous. I do love to use my wide angle lenses, but for this session, I found myself pulling it out a little more often because the architecture of this place was unreal. I had an awesome, awesome time!!!

  • Sohee Such beautiful photos! Love how this turned out!!(11.03.2010 09:27am)
  • Giselle Beets Julie, I love the photos, they came out great! Looking forward to seeing the full gallary. Thank you for making it a wonderful expereince for our family.(11.03.2010 09:30am)
  • Crystal Vogel I knew you would find that colorful wall:) Love this session!! Can't wait for ours!(11.03.2010 01:33pm)
  • Summer C. I just love all the colors! BEautiful session!(11.05.2010 02:36pm)

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