…with twins! These two adorably cute, cuddly, spunky girls with scrumptious baby rolls kept me on my toes! Definitely super crawlers + they weren’t afraid to use their skills!

“Umm, I think it’s my turn – sharing is caring!”

Aww, look at the super sweet & charming smiles :)

Baby chub! Baby rolls! Baby tushies! It doesn’t get any more adorable than this!

And for the last image…The girls look so content and relaxed chewing on their teething toys. Babyhood is a tough job!

  • kris Thanks so much for spending the day with us! These photos are great! I LOVE them!!!!(05.04.2009 04:38pm)
  • Gloria I love these girls! Great photos and great job capturing their little personalities!(05.04.2009 04:47pm)
  • Simon Lomas These pictures look amazing! The colors are so vibrant, like right out of a magazine!(05.04.2009 04:50pm)
  • Yumi Your babies are very very sweet!!(05.04.2009 04:53pm)
  • Holly Great Pictures! The girls are so cute. Love the dresses.(05.04.2009 04:57pm)
  • George Avalos TOO CUTE!(05.04.2009 05:00pm)
  • Uncle MG Sooo cute...(05.04.2009 05:46pm)
  • Jenny Chu The girls are so cute. Love the color photos.(05.04.2009 08:08pm)
  • Linda Lee Great photos! My fav is the girls in their dresses and chewing their toys.(05.04.2009 08:40pm)
  • Annie Ryan You got a couple of firecrackers on your hands Kris!!! The pictures are amazing-she truly captured their vibrant personalities!!(05.04.2009 11:49pm)
  • Daddy Thank you for coming out to spend the day with our family. The pictures are beyond our expectations! You captured the girls at their best.(05.05.2009 01:12am)
  • D Fung Too cute. They are catching up to Joey.(05.05.2009 03:59am)
  • Else Togo Kris, your wonder girls are simply borne as the natures top models!(05.05.2009 06:24am)
  • Chris Allen Very, very cute Kris! The photos are brilliant!(05.05.2009 07:27am)
  • Anna Kris.. the girls are "meravigliose".. never seen such nice baby pictures! Are they the new Anne Geddes's picture baby protagonist?! ^_^(05.05.2009 07:34am)
  • wendy very cute Kris and Renny!(05.05.2009 11:24am)
  • Jessica Lee They're miniature Kris and Renny! Absolutely precious! Miss ya!(05.05.2009 12:49pm)
  • Belle Kris & Renny - the girls have grown SO much and are totally adorable! They look like they have so much energy and joy. Miss you guys! Wong family(05.05.2009 01:00pm)
  • Karen Brauneck They are so PRECIOUS! Kris and Renny - they are beautiful girls and so sweet.(05.05.2009 03:29pm)
  • hanna OMG the girls are sooo~ cute and the pictures look fantastic!! you must be very proud hee & renny!! xoxo(05.05.2009 05:18pm)
  • Ngoc Nguyen The twins are so adorable. These pictures do a great job at capturing the joy and beauty that they bring to us all. Love, Ngoc and Sky(05.07.2009 06:28am)
  • Jacki Asplund oh my gosh! Sooooooo cute!!(05.08.2009 04:53pm)
  • Lucia Hats off to the photographer! These are priceless and captures their personalities at this early age.(05.09.2009 10:03pm)

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