Wow! This was one fast, fast photo session. Thank you to this sweet family for driving an hour down to the beach! We definitely ended up starting later than I had planned because of their drive (with only 30 minutes to spare before the sun set), but this just goes to show that sometimes, hours aren’t needed – especially when one of your subjects is lightening fast! True, the light was fading super fast, the sun was setting and my golden hour was saying goodbye…but the one thing that did not fade was the energy level of little miss below. She was fast to begin with, but with each passing minute she seemed to be gaining more and more speed :) It was quite fun chasing after her and playing in the sand. What a wonderfully pleasant evening we had….and would you look at this radiant mommy – pregnant with their 2nd baby! She’s beautiful indeed…as was the light and her baby girl this evening.

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