…and he brought a sweet, sweet surprise! This beautiful newborn was a perfect little model for our photo session – he slept like a champ and didn’t mind any of these poses at all! And my oh my, just look at how adorable he is!

I’d have to say, these are some of my favorite family and newborn images to date. He curled so beautifully in his parents arms – when I saw this image even before I pressed the shutter button, I was smiling HUGE because I just knew the resulting images were going to make me a happy camper. So content, so lovely. And look at mommy, she is just glowing.

And yes folks, we have a smiler! Newborn babies give me smiles sometimes during photo sessions, but this sweetie was just full of them – sleep smiles galore! I always encourage parents to have their newborn sessions within the first 10 days of birth because they’re still itty bitty–which allows me to fit them in little spaces….like a bookshelf :) Don ‘t worry – safety is always first – we had daddy as a spotter…and me very close, as well as mommy just a few steps away–and baby was curled up on a nice soft blanket :) What I love most about the shot below is the tree…which was from mommy’s baby shower…it has notes hanging from it with well wishes for baby boy :)

This was an absolutely fabulous newborn session! I’ll definitely be sharing more!

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