…Cool, calm & collected. He might be the coolest baby I have ever photographed. Not only did he have the coolest little dude outfit ever, he had a super cool personality to go along with it :) He was very laid back, relaxed & calm. I’m not sure if it was because he was super tired (he woke up way before his usual time for this session), or if he’s just awesome and cool like that naturally! Probably a bit of both. Either way, I instantly fell in love with his coolness…his big, gorgeous brown eyes and super long lashes. Gerber baby? I think so! I can so see his sweet face on a Gerber label.

  • Tessie Thanks Julie! Vinh Vinh looks sooooo adorable! What a beautiful family! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!(04.15.2011 09:35am)
  • Xin Ah Vinh Vinh. You look so cute!!!! I love your outfit Hun. Can't wait to see you in Hawaii.(04.15.2011 10:56am)
  • Kim Vo So cuteee... I miss you Vinh. I love how he smile.(04.15.2011 11:35am)
  • Tammy Yes, it's official my vinh vinh is not a morning person. Thanks julie! You are totally awesome and the pics look great. From our session, I learned that vinh loves the color green. He has an affinity to anything green, balloons, balls, stuffed animals....and maybe he will like trees like his dad. :). Can't wait to see the rest of the pics too.(04.15.2011 02:59pm)

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