Lately, this is what my view has been lookin’ like. My belly is getting bigger and bigger….and I love it so much! With my son, I absolutely adored being pregnant. It’s pretty awesome to always get asked “So what do you want to eat?” and  being told “Here, take his seat” — but most of all, it’s the most amazing, incredible feeling to know that there’s a baby growing in there…and to be able to feel that miracle wiggle and squirm is just phenomenal :) And you know what makes this time around even more special? We’re having a GIRL!  When we found out, I cried. Yes, I cried with happiness. Now of course, another boy would have been nice as well – I wouldn’t have to buy any new clothes and Drew would have a best bud for life — but a girl, a girl means that I can have a sweet little angel to take shopping with me, to buy cute little dresses and have that mother-daughter bond that I have with my mom. So suffice it to say, finding out that we’re having a  girl was great news! I haven’t gone crazy buying baby girl things yet, but the one purchase I did make right away was this little doll. How cute is she? She’s custom made by Lil Sprinkles….and my favorite part about her is her little camera – who knows, perhaps she’ll take an interest in  mine when she gets older :) She also has our baby girl’s name embroidered on her tushy – but that will remain a secret until she actually arrives :) She’ll stay in our baby girl’s bassinet until she’s born….so for now, I just look at this sweet little doll, hold my belly, and dream of what our sweet angel will look like, smell like, sound like….be like

  • christina congrats again julie! thx for including the pic of the doll :) your belly pics are TOO CUTE!(05.31.2011 07:18pm)
  • Melody Congratulations! A new little one to love, hug and photograph - from your precious belly photos to photos of your little girl carrying her own little one - Lil Sprinkles doll. Looking forward to seeing more precious photos of your growing family!(06.01.2011 01:15pm)
  • Stefani Thomas Congratulations to you and your family! Your belly is even cuter in real life : )(06.08.2011 08:11am)
  • Sandra Congratulations Julie! You are absolutely glowing and I love your belly pictures. You are all belly!(06.29.2011 10:11am)

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