…than blue eyes and knit sweaters! In this case, I had 3 sets of blue eyes! Please tell me, how gorgeous are these children? They are just so very, very handsome! Here’s baby brother – with the loveliest complexion and pink pout, my camera really just adored him (and so did I).

Big brother (my new best friend) — One thing I like most about photographing children is that I get to make new buddies. It couldn’t be any more true here…

…and with toddlers, toys are a part of the session (almost always) — if it makes them happy, it’s a keeper. Plus, how cool is this plane shot?? I love it!  Ten years from now, everyone can tell him that plane was a toy he adored :)

And these two…they make me sooo happy. I was extremely giddy when I saw them as I reviewed my files. They have ALL elements of my definition of the perfect family photo:  Joy, Emotion…and most importantly – REALness. This is, indeed, real life folks, and it’s absolutely beautiful! Everyone look at the camera and give a stiff uncomfortable smile? No way! Few things makes my heart leap more than capturing pure & honest happiness on camera :)

Mommy is just lovely. Surrounded by her boys, she IS the prettiest flower in the vase…and look how calm she is – with all of the wonderfully chaotic activity surrounding her, she maintains her calmness…as a supermom always does.

This was some serious fun. Lots of laughter, giggles, chaos…and LOVE.

Fur baby had impeccable timing. She just sat down right at the foot of the bed and asked: “Please photograph me here, I’m the boss of the family and believe I should be photographed in such light” –hehee, I love it!

It was very difficult for me to choose only a few photos to blog. There really are so many that I love. More to come!

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