…that make me so happy! It’s sessions just like this one that make me giddy! I can really do these types of sessions every day! I just love the dynamic nature of family shoots with toddlers. Yes, it can be challenging (with tantrums and all), but it’s hilarious and absolutely FUN. In this case though, no major tantrums at all! She was a perfect little model :) As long as she had a little cuddle time with mommy and daddy…and a little thumb sucking, she was good to go – plus, aren’t thumb sucking shots the cutest?! There was really nothing more I could ask for. We were at a beautiful location, it was nice and cloudy (my giant softbox), parents were gorgeous…and my main subject was a sweet, charming, adorable blue-eyed toddler! No doubt, I had an amazing time photographing this lovely family of three — and what better way to celebrate baby girl’s 2nd birthday than with a photo shoot?! I had an extremely difficult time choosing a few to blog! I’ll definitely be sharing this session in full soon :)

  • Natalia Lovely!!!!!! She is so cute!!!!! And all session is so sunny and brigth!!!!!!! Do you use flash in condition of strong sun? Thanks!!!!!!!(05.13.2010 12:58am)
  • Michelle these pics are soooo amazing! she is so darling i can't get over it! the close-up pics with her little green jacket look like a professional ad for jcrew or something. plus, i love the side 'do with the flower clip. she's so precious.(05.14.2010 03:18am)
  • Carrie These photos are unique and beautiful! My favorite is the bottom left!(05.15.2010 07:01am)

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