…i’ve been feeling so very blessed. I’m always feeling extra thankful this time of year, but what makes me appreciate all that I have even more, is witnessing how the wonderful families have grown and changed throughout the year. This sweet guy below is a perfect example. I’ve been photographing him since he was only days young. To see him now at just under 2 years old really amazes me  - our babies grow up so (and too) fast. Although it is bittersweet to see him grow up so quickly, it’s also so lovely to know that I’ve been able to capture all of his sweet babyness – so that in a way, his mommy and daddy have it safe and sound forever. The greatest compliment is hearing from families that they feel like I am also part of their family…and for this family especially, I feel the exact same way :)

  • Brandon Cute! The smile.. the pose.. the overall look. He's a professional baby model(12.07.2010 09:19am)
  • phyllis how adorable :)(12.07.2010 09:59am)
  • rhodora santos great photos! love the shots! very cute kid!!!!(12.07.2010 10:32am)
  • Dawn Walsh He's so adorable and happy!!! Just an overall beautiful happy family! The photos are very colorful and vibrant too!(12.07.2010 10:49am)
  • Trammi The pictures are cute and vibrant. The "Eat your Vegetables" one should be on a PSA billboard.(12.07.2010 12:08pm)
  • Selena cute -- cute -- cute (and I'm just talkin about carson) the pictures are great too!(12.08.2010 06:31am)
  • Marissa Love! Love!! Love!!! The pictures. Timeless :)(12.08.2010 08:07am)

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