…liquid sunshine. Being that mommy and I both have roots in Hawaii, I thought she’d enjoy my blog title :) Yes, on the islands, liquid sunshine is quite enjoyable & very beautiful. When we met up for our session though – I was definitely missing that liquid sunshine because it was the exact opposite: “liquid gloom” – wet, muddy & cold :( But that didn’t stop us from setting up a kiddie tent on a bed of fertilizer, lol! Thanks to dad for being a trooper, squatting down in the rain and laying down plastic sheets for us. And thanks to mommy for allowing her beautiful quilt made of kimonos get soaked in rain water! The verdict though = success! As always, I had a wonderful time photographing this lovely family – and even more enjoyable was chatting with mom. It always feels like I’m just visiting with friends – which is the best feeling :) Oh, and thank you to dad for cleaning the fertilizer off of my shoes before I left :)

  • Karen Stainner Wow! It was like we put a bunch of pitfalls in your way and you still delivered it "stinky fertilizer yard in the rain? No problem!" lol. You are the best - thank you SO MUCH for sticking it out with us in the rain and capturing such amazing family moments!!!(11.26.2011 09:07pm)

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