…is not your typical kind of gnome. He totally challenged the idea that all gnomes are hairy, funny looking little men. I now know that gnomes can be absolutely adorable and cuddly, have little hair, and engage in super exciting activities – such as pumping their fists and drooling :) Teehee. I think the first image is so cute…what a beautiful little gnome, indeed! Aaaand, he’s got the sweetest, funniest, easy going & loving parents. It was a joy hanging out with this amazing family — I must say it again — my job is the BEST (well, second to being a parent) in the world!

  • dana Hi tracey! he is sooooo cute!! those pictures are amazing!!!! and I love your cute nursery. hope to see you guys soon! love, dana and crew :)(12.13.2010 12:50pm)
  • Leigh WOW! These are amazing pictures - literally brought some tears to my eyes! What a great photographer that you found - I can feel the love! ;) Love, Leigh & the boys(12.13.2010 02:20pm)
  • Bethany So cute, such an awesome family. I love the pics!(12.13.2010 02:43pm)
  • Barbare Nale tracey, these pictures are so precious i wanted to cry with joy. thanks for sharing. it was a great Christmas gift to me to see them. can't wait to see you all again. love ya.(12.13.2010 06:36pm)
  • Aunt Dianne What a truly adorable family you are - Joshua is sweet perfection! Love, Aunt Dianne(12.13.2010 07:07pm)
  • Mom I love the pictures. Makes me cry. I love you all. Mom(12.14.2010 06:46am)
  • The Bergmans He's perfect!!! How sweet! We can't wait to meet him!(12.14.2010 08:47am)
  • Bobby I'm biased, but...pretty darn cute!(12.15.2010 08:50pm)
  • Elizabeth He is so adorable! I love the first picture. Fight the power! Go Joshua! He is perfect.(12.17.2010 04:03pm)

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