…what a pair they are! Definitely different personalities…and also cute & striking in their own ways. Both so handsome though, and so, so energetic…and funny (especially big brother). One is spicy & the other is a comedian! Both keep their parents on their toes, though :) Little brother had me running & big brother had me laughing!  It’s not always easy to get more than one kid looking at me in one shot, but I have to say that for this session, both boys’ eyes were glued to the camera pretty much the entire time. Not something I’m used to, but I do like it! Plus, look at their gorgeous brown eyes, they are both so very handsome and charming! And wow, kudos to mom for the boys’ super cool outfits! I love how they complement the aqua door & brick so well! I should’ve known though, mom is very stylish & has great taste. I’m envious of her shoe collection and I’m pretty sure I’d have a field day in her closet :)

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