…it’s true, three *is* a crowd and sessions including three little ones always makes me nervous. Any photographer will tell you that taking photos of three kids – one being a newborn – is no easy task :) I will admit that I’ve had my fair share of failed attempts at this exact scenario. But alas! This one was a success! I had a feeling the session was going to go pretty well though the moment I walked into their home. Why? Well, little Mr. Charming flashed a huge, sweet smile and gave me a hug! And little Miss grabbed my hand and began showing me her collection of shoes and pom-poms. I’m telling you, sometimes I feel like I’m having a playdate instead of working :) and I love it. Plus, mom, grandma & Uncles were so kind, so sweet, and so helpful. Totally amazing family! Lucky me because I get to go back in a few weeks to photograph the entire family (with mom, dad, and big sister #2 too). I’m looking forward to it!

  • Valerie Beautiful images, high quality pictures. Love the last one with the fish eye!(07.04.2011 07:53am)
  • Maria Frank Hello, I've come back to this site twice today already. These are the most beautiful images I've seen in a very long time. I just happened here by chance - and so glad I did. Fresh look, adorable Miss, Mr. Charming, and baby!! I will return here for inspiration....(08.01.2011 09:54am)

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